Detox Days


This Detox is for weight loss but more importantly to teach you discipline.
We all find diets hard to stick to because of our lack of willpower.  This Detox is designed to change our habits and at the same time give us a "feel good" boost. 
Due to the fact that 2 out of the 3 days we will be exercising, this will not be a fast.
However, your intake of food will be limited to only vegetables and fish/chicken on one of the days
The rest of the Detox will be the Detox Kit provided.

DAY 1 
07.00      Hot Water with Lemon
09.30    3 Herb Capsules
10.00      Meet for Fitness on the Beach
11.00    Stretch and Power Drink
12.30       Finish Fitness on the Beach
13.30    Lean Chicken/Fish, new potatoes, assortment of vegetables
15.00       3 Herb Capsules
16.30    Psyllium Shake with Bentonite Clay
18.00       3 Herb Capsules
20.00    Vegetable Broth

DAY 2  
07.00    Psyllium Shake with Bentonite Clay    
09.30       3 Herb Capsules
11.00    Psyllium Shake with Bentonite Clay
12.30       3 Herb Capsules
14.00    Psyllium Shake with Bentonite Clay
15.30       3 Herb Capsules
17.00    Psyllium Shake with Bentonite Clay
18.30       3 Herb Capsules
20.00    Vegetable Broth

07.00    Hot Water with Lemon    
09.30       3 Herb Capsules
10.00    Meet for Fitness on the Beach
11.00       Stretch and Power Drink
12.30    Finish Fitness on the Beach
13.30       Tuna or chicken salad with dark green leaves and new potatoes
    Psyllium Shake with Bentonite Clay    
16.30       3 Herb Capsules
18.00    Psyllium Shake with Bentonite Clay
20.00      Vegetable Broth

includes 2 day sessions of Personal Training and all Drinks, Herbs and ongoing Support.