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Health Retreat Mission Statement

  • Empower women and significantly influence their emotional and physical lifestyles where their life will never be the same
  • Create a powerful network and support system
  • Improve quality of life by encouraging outdoor living, exercise and trying out new activities.
  • Increase vitality through detoxification program, and teach simple healthy eating plans for sustainable new lifestyle
  • Provide Stunning Villas in beautiful locations to enhance the experience
  • Promote harmony and teach techniques to handle on-going stress
  • Provide business network connections and opportunities to empower women
  • Shift outlook – nothing will ever be the same
  • Self esteem and self worth
  • Provide personal coaching and training and tools, which challenge woman to re-think what is possible in their lives and to gain access to their personal best
  • This may be in any area, including health, relationships, business, personal dreams, career, or overall life questions. 
  • This retreat is meant to design a sustainable inspirational plan for clients to break through what is normal or predictable. Coaching available during this retreat provides access to what is unpredictable, unknown or discontinuous with your past experiences. Like an Olympic champion, clients hire coaches and go on retreats to reach what seems unattainable
  • Our intention and mission is to provide you with the tools to have a life by design……your design

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